︎4810 Chef knife

︎4208 Nakiri knife

︎4013 Cleaver knife

︎4112 Bunka knife

︎3601 Utility knife

︎Table Knives Set
    x6        580€ 
    x8        680€  
    x12       880€


︎Leather Table Knives Case
    x6     100€
    x8     140€
    x12    180€

Care and maintenance

Cartadelcielo’s knives are made of High Carbon Steel, meaning that they are subject to rust.

Keep the knife as dry as possible and sheltered from humidity, after each usage wash the blade with a light detergent and gently dry it with a cloth.

Never put your knife in the dishwasher or use and abrasive sponge on it.
After some usage, the knife will naturally develops a patina, don’t be afraid, it will help protecting from the rust and will give it a stunning look.

If you will not use the knife for a long period of time, as additional precaution, lightly oil the blade with some mineral oil or vegetable oil.

Once a month it is recomended to lightly wax the handle, common beeswax or natural wax will be ok.

It’s always recommendend to have a leather strop or a honing steel to prolong the cutting edge


Thank you for taking the time to consider my work and purchasing Cartadelcielo’s knives. I really appreciate it.

To place an order drop an email to:

Please specify which model you want and where you are located.
I’ll reach you to choose the wood essence for the handle.

Every knife is handmade which means that the process takes time, please be patient.

Thanks again.